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there? >> i already called for an overfly zone, no fly zone over syria already. they are iran's partner. they are attached at the hip. and we have to stand firm with our ally in that region israel. there needs to be no space between the united states and israel and this administration has absolutely bungled. the most muddled foreign policy i have ever remember in my lifetime. whether it was in '09 when we had the opportunity covertly over thely or other ways of helping the iranian citizens as they were trying to overthrow that repressive regime. whether it was working with mubarak and trying to have a moderate come in and release him. and now we have seen this president as mit and newt have talked about asking the iranians to give us back that drone. what we should have done is one of two things. either destroy it or retrieve it. he took a third route which was the worst and the weakest and that is to do nothing. >> now, to my colleague, neil cavuto. >> i want to move on to energy issues and speaker gingrich i would like to begin with you. as you know, the president has rejected any eff
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)

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